A World of Wishes

Each wooden tablet, called an “ema,” has a message of good luck and is signed by a name. This wooden wall enclosure in itself contains thousands of names. Names of visitors from all over the world. Names in Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish. I find comfort in the fact that I was able to leave behind a name … More A World of Wishes

Blanket of Snow

Stillness envelops me as I stand encircled by a forest of white. Not a soul is around, just mine – warm, vibrant, and lively. . I taste the iciness in the air and it numbs my mind. Cheeks flushed, I breathe out – A thick fog of white appears and disappears. A sign of life. … More Blanket of Snow

A life spent Afloat

A life spent Afloat Is a dangerous one indeed – To have no Purpose to devote Is to rest upon a river that has no stream. . Stuck Indefinitely in indecision As endless wading – becomes eternal Waiting – Carefully balanced on the brink of existence Going nowhere, Changing nothing. . To waver on either side … More A life spent Afloat


On one night of the year, the entire community of Sendai floods the streets. During Sendai’s yearly Tanabata festival, the young and old come together on the streets and watch the firework show together. … More Festivity


Some words are so unique to their language that they cannot be translated directly into English. Some feelings are so indescribable that they cannot be expressed in a single word. Komorebi is a Japanese word that describes the way sunlight manages to perfectly filter through the leaves of trees.

3 years

3 years ago I started this blog without knowing really what blogging was. 3 years ago I wrote “Introduction: Writing Through Life” without foreseeing what I’d even post on this blog. A lot has happened in 3 years. I’ve published 87 blog posts, have created 25 incomplete drafts, and have come pretty far from the days … More 3 years