Why write?

I’ve only recently remembered that this blog existed. Scrolling through its contents from over a year ago, I can’t help but simultaneously cringe and chuckle at what had occupied my thoughts at the time. Among these initial reactions is an overwhelming sense of guilt for not having opened a blank document or picked up a … More Why write?

We’re all quitters.

Society looks down on quitters but sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. When a computer application is being incredibly slow, there’s little else you can do but quit the application by pressing Command-Q (or Control-Alt-Delete for you PC users out there). Similarly in real life quitting is sometimes simply necessary. I was one … More We’re all quitters.

A World of Wishes

Each wooden tablet, called an “ema,” has a message of good luck and is signed by a name. This wooden wall enclosure in itself contains thousands of names. Names of visitors from all over the world. Names in Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish. I find comfort in the fact that I was able to leave behind a name … More A World of Wishes

Blanket of Snow

Stillness envelops me as I stand encircled by a forest of white. Not a soul is around, just mine – warm, vibrant, and lively. . I taste the iciness in the air and it numbs my mind. Cheeks flushed, I breathe out – A thick fog of white appears and disappears. A sign of life. … More Blanket of Snow

A life spent Afloat

A life spent Afloat Is a dangerous one indeed – To have no Purpose to devote Is to rest upon a river that has no stream. . Stuck Indefinitely in indecision As endless wading – becomes eternal Waiting – Carefully balanced on the brink of existence Going nowhere, Changing nothing. . To waver on either side … More A life spent Afloat