Introduction: Writing Through Life

I have always enjoyed writing, whether it was for fun or for school. Ever since the third grade when we would have little “writings of the week” sessions, I have been awed and inspired by the potential power of writing. It can be so influential, so life-changing, but people don’t often slow down and think about these effects it can have.

Throughout the years, I have learned to use my writing as an ode to who I am. It has become apart of me and my thirst for knowledge. It is an aid when it comes to expressing myself and discussing my inter-most thoughts on life. What better form of communication could so vividly and thoroughly capture ideas with the tap of a couple keys? What better form of art could so clearly and concisely express the ideas of a trapped artist? These are rhetorical questions, by the way.

This blog is purely dedicated to my various pieces of writing as I age on through life. It is to show me and others how much writing can improve with a little tweaks and turns. Who knows where my writing skills might end up a few years from now? I myself am admittedly curious. It is of self reflection, of my life, and of the challenges I face. It is of writing. I yearn to create a community of which young writers like myself can express themselves through the art of writing.

All these essays, short pieces, and poems I have written are hidden away in a file folder deep in the darkness of my computer. Why keep them bunched up and suffocated like that when I can share them to the world? I also hope to create many more recent pieces, adding to the collection as I grow older. I think of this site as an experiment of self reflection, so that ten years from now, I could look back on my holographic tablet and see who I thought I was in the past and scoff at my childness.

Nevertheless, I wish the best of luck to those who try and interpret my crazy thoughts on life and hope that you enjoy!



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