Falling For Fall

The beauty of this season is just impossible to resist. I can’t help it. I’m falling for fall. I am falling for the fiery golden leaves crisp under my boots, the bright vibrant colors soaring above in a haze. I am falling for the prominent scent of a warm pumpkin musk filling my head with positive thoughts. I am falling for cozy feeling of sitting next to the fireplace and sketching the trees. I am falling for fall.

With fall, comes the falling of leaves, the shedding of a new skin. The leaves on the trees change from shades of green to shades of orange, with nature setting them ablaze like fire. Like fiery sparks they fall to the ground, adorning the dirt paths with colors of the sun. The wind angers the trees further, and more leaves lose grip of their branches and flow in the direction of the wind. The leaves remain up above in the nest of the tree, are down below scattering the ground, and flow freely left and right. The leaves surround me. Fall surrounds me.

Inside, the scent of burning candles lazily travel throughout the air like paper airplanes flying in circles. These pumpkiny scents warm me when I feel cold, covering me with a blanket of comfort. They seep into my skin, tickling my nose with a reminder of home. As I sit by the fireplace sipping a mug of hot jasmine tea, this scent becomes a part of me too. The scent of jasmine tea mingles with the scent of pumpkins, creating a new sensation that cannot be described. I feel at peace, relaxed.

I fell for fall, and I can’t fall back, for fall has me trapped in is comforting arms, and will not let me go until the leaves turn green again.



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