I Covet Time

Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’ What I really covet is not tangible. It cannot be bought, or replaced. What I really covet is time. Time, in my opinion, is more valuable than money. Time, like money can be easily spent, but it can never be earned back. Once time is gone, it is … More I Covet Time

Thanks is Universal.

Thanks is truly universal. Each culture expresses thanks in ways that are unique, but ultimately all the words have the same underlying meaning. On this Thanksgiving holiday, take the time to not only thank those who are close to you, but also those who live further away. Everyone deserves appreciation and gratitude for helping. But … More Thanks is Universal.

25 Reasons why YOU should love Christmas.

There’s nothing like getting in the Christmas spirit. People say I start decorating for Christmas too soon. They say it’s ridiculous how stores start selling Christmas decor right after Halloween. They say 54 days is more than enough time to purchase everything you need for Christmas. They say Christmas is such a dominant holiday that … More 25 Reasons why YOU should love Christmas.

Commemorating the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Astonishment, distress and grief were felt throughout the nation on Nov. 22, 1963. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy’s assassination was a dark turning point in our nation’s history. It shocked almost everyone since he was an extremely popular president. He was killed in an instant; one … More Commemorating the Assassination of John F. Kennedy


Daily Prompt: Perspective From far, from close, from above, from below. The view is different. It all depends on your standpoint of where you are. The view would be different if you were 10 feet away from an object, as would it be if you were 100 feet from an object. It’s all about perspective. … More Perspective