Life’s Rollercoaster- LOVE

Daily Prompt: Love

Emotions are the most colorful aspects of our lives. You can develop all sorts of different types of emotions throughout your life. Varying from love and affection to pain and hatred, some are enjoyable, while others are not as gratifying. Love can be the best feeling in the world, but can cause blindness to the reality. Hate and pain will always be there, and are the hardest to fight through. Either way, we must learn to face life’s bumpy roller coaster and live through the ups and downs it brings.

It starts out as a small twitter fluttering deep inside the pit of your stomach. Bit by bit, the twittering grows stronger, making the situation more confusing and difficult to understand. At first, you are uncertain. Gradually, your feelings begin to slowly unfold, making your choice crystal clear. You suddenly see the world in high definition. You are positive that this is where you belong. Love is blinding, and you hardly notice as you slip into your fantasy land. It is almost as if an invisible curtain has separated you from reality. Your heart skips a beat, and all of a sudden, everything delicately falls into place.

You are violently jerked back into reality. It turns out things did not work out with love. You are about to explode with the deep, hot anguish boiling inside of your chest. You feel like there is a never ending war taking place inside of your heart. This is an unpleasant feeling that you would definitely want to avoid. Like love, hate is always here with us, whether we like it or not. Your utopia is suddenly ripped away from you, and all of the magical feelings from before have disappeared along with it. It is so unfair! You now see the world in a whole new perspective, one that is extremely hostile. Something inside has triggered you into a virulent mood. You are overwhelmed with hot anger churning inside of you, and have lost control of all your emotions. Making yourself feel even worse, you flash back to all of those happy memories. Those moments eventually shift into the fighting and screaming from that night. Finally, a whole new emotion comes running at you full speed.

You have been hit. You come into full realization that there is nobody to blame but yourself. Now having a much better understanding of what love and hate are exactly, you now enter a much more complex concept. It is just such a depressing thought, knowing that there is nothing you can change. Now, you think that everything is your fault, when really, it is nobody’s fault. Wishing you could start all over, pain is mingled with shame. No matter how much is endured, like an out of control roller coaster, this feeling is unstoppable. You feel like you are scarred for life. You do not know how you are going to get back up, or if you will fall down again. Regardless of what happens next, you will attempt to continue life as it was before. Slowly, you stumble back into an everyday normal life.

The roller coaster of life has stopped for a change of oil, but you know that the emotions will soon strike again. Without love, hate, or pain, the world would be dull. With all these emotions injected into us, our life is complete. We learn life lessons from all these different types of emotions. One emotion gradually merges into another, as an endless cycle continues. Whatever fate has in store for us, we should be prepared and learn to accept it with full gratitude. Each time we roll through these bumpy tracks of emotions we learn new things, so that our last ride will be flawless.



10 thoughts on “Life’s Rollercoaster- LOVE

  1. This is a great description of that roller coaster of love that most of us experience. Love is not simple, by any means. It is one of the most challenging adventures of life. Excellent post!

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