Ode to Promises

A world without promises

Is a world without hope.

There would be no prominence

Anywhere on this globe.


Promises are like early paydays,

But only when they’re kept.

For when they’re thrown away

They’re as useless as pesky pests.


Promises are like amends

That you send far, far away

To only just a few close friends

Who return them after a day.


Promises are like jars

Some of which are empty

And more that will leave scars

But most will bring you plenty.


Breaking them is easy

Please don’t give it a try

Just don’t act sleazy

Or you can kiss them goodbye.


Promises, you are so very useful!

Your every essence

Will keep us all truthful

When learning life lessons.


‘Tis why I love you, promises!

You give me the feeling of pride

And leave me with a sense of dominance.

Together we coincide.


So do us all a favor,

Don’t do anything absurd!

And never ever waver

To be true to your word!

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