Favorite Quote Reflections

Have you ever heard something or seen a quote from someone (not necessarily famous), that just spoke to you? You see it, reread it, and then try to comprehend it. And then you’re just like: YES! WHAT GENIUS. THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. You feel like finally someone in the world gets you. You have a moment of happiness and are left with a warm fluttery feeling in your stomach. Anyways, I feel like sharing some of my favorite quotes of all time with you will let you get to know me better. Let’s just take some time and reflect on how beautiful these quotes are.

Explanation: Not being able to accept yourself for who you truly are is the worst feeling. You make yourself lonely by rejecting yourself and your true identity. You need to stay true to yourself and be who you want to be. You have to be honest and content with yourself before opening up to others.

Reflection: Aren’t we all a little bit uncomfortable with ourselves? Is everyone completely satisfied with our lives? Does this make us all a little lonely? Hmm…

-Joyce Maynard

Explanation: Contrary to their dictionary definitions, a house and a home are two very different things. A house is the physical building made of four walls and a roof. You can buy a house. A home is the single place where the residents feel the most comfortable, safe, and happy. It is where you are most loved.

Reflection: Only the residents can make a home into a peaceful and happy place. True and honest love is not made of material wealth and cannot be bought with money. Real feelings of love do not have a price tag attached.

Explanation: Everyone is vulnerable to challenges and difficulty in life. In reality, no one has a perfect life. Everyone is equally open to change, whether good or bad. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Embracing change and opening yourself up is a sign of strength. You can learn life lessons from being open and accepting vulnerability.

Reflections: We all have feelings that can be hurt at any given time. Although some may seem like they have a stone heart on the outside, they definitely have emotions too. People may not show their vulnerabilities, but they exist within everyone.


And since I have a gazillion more quotes that I am absolutely in love with, I will continue this post in the future, hopefully. Leave me comments about some of the quotes that you live by, and/or let me know how you interpret the quotes above!



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