Daily Prompt: Searching

Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

They say that Google has all the answers in the world. But that’s not true. There are certain things that are just unanswerable, like how did the universe come into being, or why are my school’s hamburgers green? (If you were wondering, Google says: this for the first question and has no explanation for the second) Human beings, in general, like to have answers ready for them. It’s just the way of life, a fact of nature.

Sure, if you want to know something,  I say go ahead, Google it. If you find your answer, that’s awesome, but if you don’t, you shouldn’t worry about it. Why must we know all the answers to every question? Is it really and truly that important? Will knowing what will happen today or tomorrow help in any way? Will knowing what will happen in the future affect the present? No matter how hard you try to answer these unanswerable questions, you can’t. You cannot plan the future out frame by frame. You cannot find out exactly when the sun will burn out. You cannot determine the mystery substance in my school’s lunch meat.

The point is, some things are better left unanswered. The only question you should be asking yourself right now is: What should I do today? Answer the questions that can be answered, and the other questions will slowly answer themselves as life passes by. Think about it.


(As for the last thing I searched on Google, it was actually “ocean horizon” for this post ^)


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