Childhood Nostalgia

I was inspired to write a poem about a snack that I recently made that brought back a feeling of childhood nostalgia. (Sorry if this made you hungry)

My Kitchen

A sweet candied scent draws me to our lovely kitchen,

filling my nose with a sugary heaven of childhood nostalgia.

A bag of white fluffy marshmallows lay opened on the granite counter top.

Next to it, a jar of mixed nuts.


Armies of crawling ants lean in for a whiff, hoping for a bite,

instead I squish them dead and watch them flow down the drain.

While the stove fan roars with elation,

the sweet treats crackle with delight.


The sound of popping candy fills the room,

as does the light melodic hum of our refrigerator playing in the background.

I watch the toffee envelop the almonds and peanuts,

together they become one.


Toasted vanilla sugar engulfs the house.

Deposited into a pan,

they fly straight to the fridge,

but not before I sneak a corner.


The warm gooey and crunchy piece sticks to my teeth.

A mixture of salty and sweet fills my taste buds with pure bliss.

My stomach and burnt tongue yearn for more.

Out of the fridge and stored into my mom’s favorite olive green nut jar.


Specifically for this nutty treat,

various nuts lay along the outer perimeter.

Hand-painted by a younger me as a Mothers’ Day present,

it depicts our family in upmost perfection.


A fitting little reminder of how

we’re both nutty and sweet.

Where sweet people make sweet treats,

our kitchen is the place to be.




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