My Personal Goals in Writing

Since I love writing so much and really want to go somewhere with it, I decided to set some standards for myself. These tips can apply to anyone looking to improve their writing. Being only a freshman in high school, I have a lot of time to practice and get things right. By simply having a hard copy of my goals, I hope to accomplish and fulfill the many personal objectives that I have set for myself. One year from now, I hope to check off most of them and create new ones yearly. 🙂


Goals for 2013:

1. Step outside my comfort zone and become a more adventurous writer.

2. Be promoted from a staffer to an editor for Center-spread in our school’s newspaper/Journalism I class.

3. Learn how to write newspaper articles for the different pages of the newspaper.

4. Score a 12/12 on the Written Essay portion of the SAT.

5. Get a higher score in the critical reading section of the SAT.

6. Complete NaBloPoMo without skipping a single day.

7. Compete in all writing contests available and try to win money.

8. Write more in my free time. Read more classical novels, and read the Time Magazine.

9. Perfect my quote analyses and get high scores in my literary analysis essays.

10. Write a novel to enter in NaNoWriMo next year.

11. Follow world news and try not to get bored of political issues.

12. Win some awards in Speech and Debate. Become a better public speaker.

13. Learn how to write in a variety of styles and perspectives. Approach different personas and find out which fits me the best.

14. Thoroughly understand how to write a well-structured and organized essay. Learn how to portray my ideas and explanations in a clear and effective manner. Find the designated organizational techniques for each of the following: literary analysis, persuasive, historical, expository.

15. Learn how to utilize the art of persuasion.

16. Blog more to improve writing. Write new things instead of posting old pieces every day. Become more popular in the creative writing blogging world.

17. Think outside the box and be more creative.

18. Edit more generously. Rewrite the whole paper if needed.

19. Take more online writing courses to improve writing.

20. Write with confidence.

Wish me luck in accomplishing these goals! We’ll see how far I go!



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