Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces

Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces

  • Taking a look around you, what three objects most represent you and why? How do their reflect your personality, and who you are?

In response to the prompt, I chose to write an anthropomorphic piece from the viewpoint of a window. Enjoy!


I Am a Window

I was born as an ordinary piece of sheet glass. I was then given a vinyl frame and soon after, bought and installed into a wall. Afterward, I was covered with cream shutters and adorned with elegant, flowing curtains. I am able to look both outwards and inwards, and I am transparent enough to see through. Any guesses of what I am? In Spain, I am una ventana. In places as far away as China, I am called a 窗口. In most parts of the world, people know me as a window. My kind was invented many centuries ago and has been tweaked and improved ever since. We have always been both decorative and functional to human society.

I am very open-minded, but my feelings are easily hurt. My entire existence has been spent in a young girl’s bedroom, where I serve my duty of being a place of daydreaming and soul searching. I honestly can say I do prefer being a bedroom window. Unlike some of my cousins, who are bathroom and kitchen windows, I am treated with love and care. Although some of my other close relatives, who are car and airplane windows, travel the world, I never become jealous. Life is sometimes unexciting, but I find that I appreciate the quiet life.

I have always thought my exterior to be aesthetically pleasing. I am one of the most prominent decorations in the entire room. Built into a rectangular shape, I am around 3 ft. x 5 ft. My owner keeps me dust and bug free, and I am embellished with silky, ivory drapes that perfectly complement my hand-painted shutters. From my clear, all-seeing eyes to my many embellishments, I was made beautiful.

However, there was a time in my life when I could not help but feel that I was constantly ignored, for people tended to look through me, rather than at me. Generally, people looked straight past my beautiful features only to view the scenery sprawled out behind me. I felt neglected and unimportant to society. At that time, I was delicate and easily broken. Fortunately, after much encouraging support from my frames, I overcame that stage in my life and began to realize my true beauty of function.

I now understand my role in this room. I transmit light from outside to the inside and can be opened to keep the house well ventilated. More importantly, I offer people the luxury of being able to look out and about without actually having to venture into the sometimes-dangerous outdoors. Throughout the summer, the heat is deflected from me, while light is poured through me. In the fall, I prevent the harsh winds from penetrating the house. All through the frigid winter, I block the cold, dripping rain and snow from entering the house. During springtime, I provide a stellar view of blossoming flowers and trees. Nature could not be viewed from inside the house if it were not for me.

Next time, before looking past me at the scenery, I urge you to think about the beauty and practicality of us windows. I will forever be but only a window. Nevertheless, I shall always provide an enchanting view of the ever-changing world outside.

What object would you associate yourself with?


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