Half-way Mark for NaBloPoMo!

Today, I reach the halfway mark for NaBloPoMo! I would like to congratulate all others who have made it this far. I would have never thought that I had the ability to post 15 different posts in 15 days. So far, I have been pretty persistent in posting every day. The challenge is more difficult than I had thought, and I constantly find myself barely squeezing out a well-written blog post. I thought I would share how it’s been going so far and what I have learned from it.



1. It is pretty darn hard to think up new topics every day.

2. I find myself relying too much on daily prompts/weekly challenges.

3. My writing style on this blog has changed from very professional and uptight into a more lax and communicative type of style.

4. My inspiration comes from my life’s experiences. I find myself posting things that have occurred recently in my life or that I have observed on the streets.

5. For me, blogging time has began to replace Facebook time and time spent on other social media sites.

6. I am becoming more observant and aware of others.

7. I have learned to think outside the box when writing posts.

8. Good blog posts take a large amount of time.

9. I am exploring different topics that I have not put much thought into before.

10. I get to read more of everyone else’s posts since they are more frequent!

Since I’m relatively new to the concept of blogging, NaBloPoMo is a great way to kickstart my blogging interest. I’m halfway there! But the real question is: Will I be able to make it ALL the way? I guess we’ll just have to find out and see!


Yes, I realize that this post is “published” on Nov. 16, but for the record, the time zones are different, and it is still Nov. 15 where I live.


3 thoughts on “Half-way Mark for NaBloPoMo!

  1. I have found the same thing – in #5, and it is a blessing I think. I was wasting too much time of FB! Now I limit my time there so I can blog more.
    I also feel #8 too. And some days I just don’t have the time to put in, so that not so good, and short, posts at least get posted. Sometimes, I have managed to get a good one in, but often I just try to get one posted.

    Having said all that, I find NaBloPoMo has at least made me a more dedicated writer, and I have scheduled it in to my days now. I hope I can keep up with that after this challenge is done.

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