Details- Taken for Granted

Daily Prompt: Details


The world is filled with surprises, some large and some small. We don’t often stop and think about the little things that surround us. When was the last time you stopped to admire the texture of a leaf, or each individual curvature of the letters on the screen? You  often don’t. To us, these details don’t matter. There’s no point in noticing them. They are simply things we take for granted–things we don’t pay attention to.

But what about the things that aren’t so microscopic in our lives? The power of communication, the magic of mathematics, opposable thumbs? We don’t exactly think about the importance of those either. We take them for granted. We are too caught up our own daily lives to appreciate the little things around us. But with so much detail in the world, how can we devote enough time to think about them all? The real answer is: We can’t. But we can try to think more about details in life.

Think about the important things we take for granted. I urge you to look around you and appreciate the details in life.



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