The Layer Underneath

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

I wanted to concentrate on a written description of the layers in our lives, in contrast to my previous post concentrating on the photographic aspect of layers which can be found here >Layers in Nature.

Human beings are very complex organisms. We are made up of many layers (both literally and figuratively speaking). We constantly add layers into our lives to make them more prolific. People have so many different layers that it’s almost impossible to tell what they’re really like without getting to know them better. The upper layers of the human personality often cloud the bottom ones from view. How would you know if someone’s personality is fake or real? Spend enough time with someone, and you’ll uncover his or her true layer of personality underneath. Only then can we judge them in an honest way.

On the outside, someone may appear beautiful, kind, and intelligent, but on the inside, he or she may just have the worst personality in the world. Same vice-versa: someone might be an unattractive person on the outside but a beautiful person on the inside. The outer layer simply shields the inner layer from view. Everything in life is constructed of layers, whether we realize it or not. And I say that the bottom layer is most crucial. After all, true beauty comes from within.

We must take the time search deeper and look at the layer underneath.


Not to sound cliché-y, but the Beast in Beauty and the Beast serves as a perfect example of the layer underneath. At first, the Beast seems cruel and demented on the outside. Then, Belle brings out his true layer underneath and he is beautiful inside and out. One quick critique about the movie, though. I honestly believe that the ending would have been better if the Beast was revived but stayed as a Beast. Changing into a handsome man ruined the effect of the whole “beautiful on the inside” moral that they were going for. Other than that, hooray for classical Disney Princess movies!

So next time you meet someone new, try and look past their outside layer and uncover their layer underneath. Only then can you truly evaluate them for who they really are.



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