Black Friday: Is it worth it?

On Thanksgiving night, stores across America begin opening for Black Friday Sales. People line up in and set to be the first ones in the door when the sales begin. One word to describe the Black Friday madness? Hectic.

*One word of advice if you’re planning to go Black Friday shopping this year: If you’re buying something other than clothes, know what you want and where to locate it in the store. That way, you can avoid the stress of searching for your item and will be able to simply zip in and zip out.

Are the crowds, the rush, and the fighting really worth the deals? Well, it really depends on how much you want the item and how much cheaper it is on this day.

-Most stores have sales that you can find during other times of the year. The prices are still what you should be paying any other day, but the store claims it to be 50% off when they have hiked up the original price beforehand. Watch out for these clever marketing strategies.

-Only buy what you need. Do not give into the prices and buy something that is cheap when you really don’t need the item. It will just accumulate in your junk pile later on. Quality vs. Quantity? Go with Quality.

Here are some amazing deals I found:

American Eagle 50% off

Aeropostale 60 % off

Forever 21 50% off sale items

Beats by Dre $115- Target

Nikon L30 Camera $99-Target

Personally, I like Cyber Monday better, since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, and it’s easier to find what you want without any distractions. But I’m also a sucker for the Black Friday deals.

Happy shopping, everyone!



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