Standardized Testing Is Ineffective.

There is a reason why the U.S. is ranked 17th academically worldwide. Our education system falls behind because of the overemphasis on standardized testing. Schools use standardized tests to determine if children are ready for school, group them into classes, and decide whether to promote or retain students. Standardized tests have been part of American … More Standardized Testing Is Ineffective.

Together As One.

One is not a lonely number; it is a powerful one. The world brimmed with tears all else gone to seek shelter all but only one … Appearing as two They shine fiery and bright against the gray clouds … Together they’re one greater than any other shining through the dark Weekly Photo Challenge: One … More Together As One.

Free Falling

In the distance lies a tree aflame, its leaves, its branches never tame. Tears of fire falling to the ground, the wind making crying sounds. … The leaves of the tree are scared to fall, for they rather stay safe above all. They are afraid of change, of the unknown, the open, the strange. … They … More Free Falling

Acting Upon Knowledge

We learn something new every day, right? We constantly accumulate knowledge, whether from reading books, talking to someone, or seeing something interesting. Most of the time, when we learn these new things, we keep them to ourselves until we eventually forget about it. We only seem to keep things that we find noteworthy or interesting. … More Acting Upon Knowledge

Community Service

Volunteering at an event downtown The other day, I participated in a community service activity. I was to pick up trash on the streets for three hours. It was mandatory community service that I had to do as 10% of my history grade. Now that I think back, does this not defeat the purpose of … More Community Service

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay: Introduction Paragraph

One of the hardest types of essays to write, in my opinion, is a Literary Analysis essay. You really have to dig deeper and pull apart everything the author says in a well-structured, organized way. This post is part of a three-part series on how to write a literary analysis essay. Always start with the … More How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay: Introduction Paragraph