Community Service

Volunteering at an event downtowncommunity service

The other day, I participated in a community service activity. I was to pick up trash on the streets for three hours. It was mandatory community service that I had to do as 10% of my history grade.

Now that I think back, does this not defeat the purpose of community service, of voluntarily helping others? If what you are doing is required to pass a class, then how is is voluntary at all?

That is precisely the problem with our society. We are selfish. We do things only for our benefit. Even with community service. Most of us young teens do it either a) as a requirement for school or b) as a booster for college applications or c) to feel good about ourselves at the end of all of it. But when is the last time one of us has actually cared so much as to devote a day of our time to do voluntary work without having one of the above reasons?

I know that many people out there do community service out of the good of their hearts, and I applaud them for that. We need more people like that in our society. Most of the time, people are too absorbed in their own problems to care about others. But as a community, as a whole, we must support each other and care for each other. We need each other, and we must act as a community.

Do something out of the good of your heart today. Help your community.



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