Acting Upon Knowledge


We learn something new every day, right? We constantly accumulate knowledge, whether from reading books, talking to someone, or seeing something interesting. Most of the time, when we learn these new things, we keep them to ourselves until we eventually forget about it. We only seem to keep things that we find noteworthy or interesting. However, this new information that we learn is often unused, for it is kept bottled up inside our heads. What’s the point of learning new things when you don’t react to them?

When reading Fahrenheit 451, I thought about Faber’s speech on the three things that man needs to become successful in life.

1. The Quality of Information.

2. Leisure to Digest the Information.

3. The right to carry out actions based on what we learn.

Learning new things is like eating food. 1. Devour. 2. Digest. 3. Create. Our society has #1 and #2 pretty much under control, as we constantly learn new things and reflect upon them. However, #3? Not so much.

How often do we apply what we learn to all aspects of life? We might read an influential article and be left with emotion and opinion, but how often do we act upon it? The emotion subsides, and we are the same again.

If we don’t act upon our knowledge, we never change. We remain the same person, just with a little more “stuffed” with information.

It’s not reading, hearing, or seeing something that makes us knowledgeable. No, it is the experiences we undergo that makes us change–that gives us the ability to empathize with others. Experience creates the strongest, most lasting knowledge of all.

Those people who score perfect scores on every test? You might’ve thought they were one of the most knowledgable people you know. On the contrary, they might know how to take a test, but they might not know how to analyze it and apply it. Those are the people who are the most afraid of change.

Do something about what you learn! Don’t just keep all the information you learn bottled up! Share it with the world with something that is you. Expression is the step after knowledge in which many of us are afraid to take.



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