Free Falling


In the distance lies a tree aflame,

its leaves, its branches never tame.

Tears of fire falling to the ground,

the wind making crying sounds.

The leaves of the tree are scared to fall,

for they rather stay safe above all.

They are afraid of change,

of the unknown, the open, the strange.

They grip onto the tree that is their home,

unready to go out and explore and roam.

The wind threatens them so,

trying to help them let go.

Trickle by trickle the leaves lose grip,

crying and crying until their tears drip.

Each going their own separate way,

not knowing where to stay.

But what seems so sad and melancholy,

really sings a beautiful melody.

Ringing through the open air,

the last leaf cries not in despair,

but in the freedom that it shares.

I am a free leaf falling from up high,

and I can’t wait to finally fly.

Escaping from reality,

with my only sight as liberty.

I am a dreamer drifting in the wind,

what an adventure it has been!

Down, down, down, until I rest upon the ground,

where freedom can be found.

I am the last leaf that only wanted to become free,

unlike the others fallen from our tree,

who would only think of falling,

when they could’ve been evolving.

They could’ve all been like me,

the leaf who was free.


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