When It’s Better To Let Go.

There are times when you just can’t forgive or forget. There are times when doing so will inevitably hold you back in the long run. Some things are simply unforgivable. And nothing, not any one moment of my life, would I want to forget. For all moments–good or bad–serve as valuable experiences that can be learned from.

I remember way back in the third grade, I made a new best friend–my first one. All throughout third grade into fourth, we did almost everything together. We would go to each other’s houses, visit museums, and even go to Disneyland together. At that time she was, for a lack of better words, nerdy. And so was I, so it didn’t matter to neither of us. We recommended books to each other, went to educational places, and even once put on a puppet show for our fourth grade class.

The problem was, her dad was a major component in her life. He controlled everything we did and practically chose which friends she should hang out with. At first, I didn’t pay much attention and went along with this. Then, it started getting out of hand. Halfway through fifth grade I realized that he was changing her in a way. She was becoming more and more competitive and became very upset whenever she lost anything. Her dad pushed her into trying to win everything, and I had only begun to notice this. For example, when I won our fifth grade class spelling bee, she burst into tears and wouldn’t speak to me for days. She became very competitive in tetherball, and I was forced to let her win so that she wouldn’t be upset. When I did almost win one time, she took the tetherball and purposely used it to hit me in the face.

I kept pushing my frustrations off and kept it bottled up inside of me until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, I approached her and told her that I did not want to be friends with her anymore. When I told her, she surprisingly did not cry or say anything for that matter. She simply stood there with a stony face and nodded. In the end, she found other friends and I found other friends. And that was that. We went to different high schools and I never heard from her again.

This challenge of cutting ties with a friend that changed helped me grow into an independent individual that stood up for myself and faced my own problems. It takes courage and confidence to do what is right and make the correct decisions.

Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget



5 thoughts on “When It’s Better To Let Go.

  1. I once had a friend like this in some ways. I because of her mom could only hang with her and she would “tell” on me if I did anything she considered what her mom would like like. It was the best thing to part with her,

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