Ghosts of December 23rds Past

It is a curious thing to think about where you were at an exact moment in time in the past. Only the unique and life changing events are notable in our vast recollections of memories. Decembers of the past tended to hold more of these kind of events for me, as I was always somewhere, doing something different, and exploring during these breaks.

The date itself–December 23–seems so insignificant, so precise. But it is on these insignificant, seemingly random days that you experience the most life has to offer.

I have collected a timeline of the most significant events of my life in the past three years.

December 23, 2013: I was at home, and I spent my day in my bed with a cold. At night, I went over to my friend’s house for a movie night and we watched The Usual Suspects.

usual suspects

December 23, 2012: I was in Sedona, Arizona. With some other friends and their families, we stayed in a very nice resort. We mainly went hiking and sightseeing.


December 23, 2011: I was in Harbin, China on an international winter retreat camp. We visited a park made entirely of ice sculptures. It was a great cultural experience, and I remember seeing so many other Chinese kids from all over the world there. I befriended some Australians.


December 23, 2010: I was at Big Bear Lake, California. We rented out a cabin and spent our days skiing and playing in the snow.


As I look back on the past, I am grateful to have had all the experiences that I did. Looking back now, I realize that I’ve been lucky to travel to all these places.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Ghosts of December 23rds Past



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