Taking Risks

Over the childish game of Truth Or Dare, I got to thinking. I realized that I am not a very risky person. This can be seen through the everyday things that I do. For example, I am always the most conservative poker player of the table. I’d much rather plan everything out rather than risk … More Taking Risks

An Ode to Janitors

I’ve ran into countless instances where the school janitor happened to be my savior. That might sound bizarre and unusual, but it’s true: they are surprisingly helpful. When we think of a school system, we think of the most “important” people. We think of the principal, teachers, advisors, counselors–all the people who you see actively … More An Ode to Janitors

Infinite Beginnings

be·gin·ning- noun the point in time at which something starts. Sunrise marks the beginning of a new day. Sunset marks the beginning of night. There are an infinite amount of beginnings in life–a constant continuum of the new. Change induces the rise of new beginnings, and change is constantly happening around us.  Each individual day has … More Infinite Beginnings

A Gradual New ME

When I hear “Brand New,” I immediately think: Drastically different. Changed. Gone with the old and in with the new. Completely transformed, either in a good or bad way. There’s no way of telling if the new is better than the old. “New” seems almost frightening. The change seems sudden, as if one moment you’re … More A Gradual New ME