Windows of the World

I have looked out windows from all over the world. I have seen through the lenses of a variety of people. From car windows to airplane windows to hotel windows to submarine windows, I have looked out them all. And I have captured what I have seen.

From the window of a moving car on the highway.
From an airplane window on a flight from Greece to Spain.


Photo on 8-14-12 at 7.05 AM
From the window of a hotel room in Dalian, China.
From the window of the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride in Disneyland, CA.

Windows can be both an aid and a burden. They separate us from the beautiful landscape outside and keep us trapped on the inside. They are the barrier between the inside and the out. However when it is impossible to go out to see the view, a window must be used to see the beauty that lies outside.

To read a more in depth writing piece on windows, read my Anthropomorphic Piece From the Viewpoint of a Window.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

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