Taking Risks

Over the childish game of Truth Or Dare, I got to thinking. I realized that I am not a very risky person. This can be seen through the everyday things that I do. For example, I am always the most conservative poker player of the table. I’d much rather plan everything out rather than risk doing it impromptu. During the Truth Or Dare game that day, I found that I was the one who repeatedly chose Truth over Dare. When I was stuck with Dare, I declined to do embarrassing or absurd things (which by the way, there were no non-embarassing or non-absurd dares involved in the game).

Most of my friends were the same, turning down all ridiculous suggestions, which made the game a lot more boring. However there was one friend of the group who was daring. He took risks simply for the heck of it. When he was asked to stroke a stranger’s beard, he did it. When he was asked to do jumping jacks in front of a large crowd, he did it. I then realized that I wanted to be more like him.

I wanted to also take risks and embarrass myself in front of strangers without feeling any self-consciousness. I wanted to be able to do ridiculous things without caring what others thought of me. I wanted to be wrong and accept my mistakes. I wanted to be more of a risk-taker.

Dare To Be Bold

The skill of being able to take risks is an important one. Life is full of opportunities and to get what you want, you must take risks. Whether it’s asking out that girl you like or standing up for what you believe in, you have to take that uneasy step over the line in order to be happy.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone.

Dare to take risks.

Dare to be BOLD.



7 thoughts on “Taking Risks

      1. I’d agree with that. I wrote a secret blog just to myself for ages, before a very good friend and I had a massive row about my lack of commitment to trying this thing that I had been harping on about for so long.
        In reality, I was afraid to put myself out there, I was afraid that my writing/photos/recipes were no good, I was afraid of being noticed (Also due to other factors in my life at the time).
        It did prompt me to take a deep breath, and write (and press publish) this post. http://ediblethings.net/2011/11/23/the-visitors/
        You seem to have been more brave in general.

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