Poker: A Game of Life Lessons

There’s a lot to be learned from a single game of poker. And I’m not just talking about within the game itself. Poker reflects how people think and how they may react to certain real-life situations.

I learned how to play around three years ago. At first, with no apparent strategy at all, I won over almost all of everyone else’s chips (we don’t play for money, just for fun :). I just happened to be really lucky in the first couple of rounds. But then I started watching other people and predicting their next moves. I learned quite a bit about my family members, friends, and myself through this little game.

What I Concluded About My:

Mother: I learned that my mom is too much of a risk-taker and should not invest in stocks anytime soon.

  • Poker Traits: she was always the first one out because she gambled too much of her money when her cards were okay, but not great.

Father: I learned that my father is very conservative. He likes things to have a definite outcome and will not take risks. Sometimes, this works, but there are always regrets when potential opportunities are missed.

  • Poker Traits: He would only stay in the round if he started out with a good hand.  He gambled only a few chips at a time and did not do anything drastic. His hand was always very predictable.

Brother: I learned that my brother is a great liar. You just can’t tell when he’s telling the truth or lying. This worries me a bit in real life.

  • Poker Traits: My big brother is a big bluffer. He would have absolute junk and still raise the stakes so high that no one would dare to match. Yet, sometimes he would surprise us with an excellent hand. Sadly for the rest of us, this worked most of the time.

Best Friend: I learned that my best friend is unpredictable. There were no patterns I could follow during any one match. She confuses me.

  • Poker Traits: She frequently alternated between bluffing and actually having good cards. She folded at random times and raised either dramatically or scarcely. It was impossible to tell if she had good cards or not.

Myself: I learned that I am good at reading others. I tend to be a good listener and always pay attention to minor details.

  • Poker Traits: I only stay in the round if I feel that my cards are better than everyone else’s.

Next time you play poker, study the actions of yourself and the others around you. You just might be surprised of what you learn.



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