To See The Sea.


There’s nothing more entrancing than watching the ocean. Watching its endless waves build up then recede, while someone on the other side of that ocean is doing the same.

The ocean. Just the sheer thought of its vastness and depth is daunting to imagine. The world seems so big, yet it feels so small. Most of the time, we are far too occupied in ourselves and our daily lives to stop and enjoy the view. We don’t often think of how small and insignificant we are in retrospect to the whole world.

The tiny sailboat in the midst of the waters made me feel calm and serene, as if I were on the sailboat itself. And yet I wanted to be. I wanted to physically be on that sailboat and have time to enjoy my surroundings. To simply float atop the vast blue ocean and look upon the world, not thinking of what was to happen today or tomorrow. I wanted the leisure and the freedom and the time to simply be there and have my mind consumed by nothing but the view. To see nothing but the sea.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


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