Antisocial Social Media


Social media has made a huge impact on the world. A person’s popularity is now determined by how many followers or friends they have on a certain social media site. Despite the growing participation of people using social media, in reality people are becoming antisocial.

In a world of the constant bustle and hustle of technology it is becoming increasingly harder to be aware of our surroundings. The other day I was reading a Time Magazine article about mindfulness. It really opened my eyes in what aspects we should be improving our lives in. It explained that since we have become so attached to our technological devices, we don’t often take the time to stop and look around us.

On the bus, crossing the streets, at dinner. Almost everywhere we go, there are people who are texting, social networking or playing games on their smartphone/tablet/iPad. This is becoming a real problem. We are becoming so attached to the digital world that we are absent from the real one. Our bodies are present but our minds are not.

There are less and less authentic face to face conversations and more digital ones. Technology is keeping us from seeing our friends and family in person. For instance, I used to always walk over to my friend’s house whenever I wanted to stop by and chat. Now I simply just text her. Our conversations have grown shorter and we have started to grow further apart. And I simply cannot even try to hide my annoyance when my friends are texting while I’m talking to them. Or when they’re listening to music while I want to start a conversation. It’s just plain rude and it has certainly been getting on my nerves.

Social media may make people popular online, but it definitely is making some of these people antisocial in real life. Take some time away from technology, and you’ll feel much more connected with the real world.




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