The Keys to Lost Treasure


A piece of treasure doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you keep hidden away under lock and key so that it does not get stolen. It doesn’t have to be something that is so unique that there is only one more left in the world. An item that you treasure can be used in daily life to assist you in the smallest, but most significant ways. All an item has to do to be considered “treasure,” is to have special meaning to the owner. Some items are often overlooked as treasures because of their commonality.

For example, my keys are considered a treasure to me, not because of their obvious use to get into my house, but because they remind me of what I stand for. My various keychains and adornments all represent who I am and what I love.

  • The two keys with the paintings on them reflect my love of nature and nail art. The picture of the sunset and the ladybug are actually drawn on with nail polish, and are my two favorite nail art designs.
  • The Hawaii keychain, the silver keychain from Sweden, and the keychain of the red anime-looking doll from the Shanghai World Expo in China reflect my love of traveling. I actually have a whole collection of keychains from all of the countries and places I have visited, but the three on my keys are the most recent.
  • The keychain with my name on it reminds me of my love for my sport: swimming. Swimming is such a large part of my life, and it’s only fair that it deserves a fair representation on my keys. Plus, if I ever lose my keys, people will know who to return them to, since it does have my name on it.

I really don’t know what I would do if I lost my keys. Not only would I lose access to the inside of my house, but I would also lose the sentimental value and the memories that come along with each individual keychain that I have.

What do you treasure, and what value does it have in your heart?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


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