How My Passions Impact the World

Recently my school held the Optimist Oratorical Speech Contest. I really did want to participate, but I found that I did not have enough time to fully write, memorize, and prepare my speech before the contest date. So, I thought I would share my now finished speech here:


How My Passions Impact the World. There is no form of communication more effective than writing. There is no clearer, more concise way to get your ideas across to people. There is nothing more life-changing and more influential than the written thought… I have a passion for writing.

Ever since my third grade teacher required us to write weekly short stories and share them out to the class during a “Story Sharing Hour,” I fell in love with writing. I was able to escape reality and travel to a whole new universe of characters and places and events, and I was able to think creatively. Once I realized my true passion for writing, I attended various writing classes to shape and individualize my writing.

I am passionate about writing because passion can be expressed through writing. Writing is what brings my passions together. I share my passions through blogging. Blogging provides a record of my ideas, goals, and pieces and combines them into one place that can be shared throughout the world. Writing allows us to share our thoughts and feelings about certain topics and can be shared through various gateways to influence the opinions of others. And there’s nothing more impacting than changing one another’s opinions–to get people to think like you, to feel the way you do.

After all, one idea can change the world. Ideas are more permanent when they are formally written down, because the written word never goes away. Ideas may the same, but the wording is different. And that is what makes a piece of writing so unique and personal.

Our world’s most globally prized and influential possessions are in written word. For example, the Constitution changed the entire course of our country. Words on paper can never become forgotten. Words in writing just seem so official, so unchanging.

Writing has influenced my life also. Just last year my father was offered a new and better job position in Hong Kong and he wanted to uproot our family and move there. My brother was going off to college anyway. Why not? I was fiercely opposed to moving after spending my entire life here in America. At the time, I was taking a persuasive writing class. So, I wrote him a formal 5 page letter outlining all the reasons that we should stay. In the end, my dad decided to turn down the job offering. I realized how, through a simple letter, I was was able to control my future through my writing. Writing is powerful.

Writing is my passion. Writing can change the world, it has changed the world, and it will continue to change the world.


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