Time Machine

A time machine. The idea itself is so futuristic, so seemingly impossible. But what would I do if I found one? The possibilities are endless. Maybe I would go back and study harder for that bio test. Maybe I would relive my childhood. Maybe I would agree on moving to Hong Kong and attending an international boarding school. Whether how life-changing or unimportant each event in my life was, each event added up to who I am today. If I reversed any one of them, my life just wouldn’t be the same.

We all have regrets in life. I always find myself thinking, what if I did this instead of that? Made this decision instead of that one? The result is mind-boggling. Although we can try to imagine what our lives would be like if we did something different at a certain point, there is no way to find out what the outcome would be like. We’d be slightly different people.

There’s always a certain moment that could have been better. Whether you made a huge mistake that changed the entire course of your life, or you’re unsatisfied because you cracked your phone screen that one day, these things could have been different. If only you made the right decision, or if only you left your phone at home on that one morning jog, it wouldn’t have been the same. But sometimes mistakes must be made. It’s the only way we’ll ever learn. For all you know, you could have made the right decision the first time, but went back to the wrong one. You could’ve left your phone at home that one time, but could’ve broken it during the next jog. The disappointments in life encourage us to change ourselves in the future. Next time, you’ll make the right decisions. Next time, you’ll get a life-proof case for your phone. Mistakes are only human. They are what make life so exciting. If everything was perfect and the way you wanted it to be, life would be boring.

Then again, I’m sure if I found a time machine, I wouldn’t only just contemplate changing a regret. I would also want to relive perfect moments. All those fun times when I was little–carefree and full of life. Especially that one day I spent at Disneyland with my best friend. Not a worry in my mind. Only concentrated on the present. Not the past nor the future. Life was good. It was easy, it was stress-free and I’d definitely want to relive it.

But I actually wouldn’t. Those happy memories that I have of my childhood are pleasant and all, but that’s what makes those memories so valuable. Living through it again would just defeat the purpose of the happy memory. What if during the second time living through that memory, things weren’t as good as the first? Then, I’d be disappointed and the originally happy memory would turn sour. I just wouldn’t want to take that chance.

The truth is, if I really found a time machine, I’d be too scared to use it. I wouldn’t want anything in my life to be different than how it is today.

Kat 🙂

Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine


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