Cleaning My Life

There’s a sense of satisfaction in cleaning the house. Throwing away junk and at the same time recalling certain memories. It’s almost as if I’m cleansing my life at the same time that I’m cleansing my room. Over the years I’ve actually come to enjoy cleaning.

There are certain realizations about lifestyle that can be made when cleaning. Maybe it’s when you realize that you’ve been living in a pigsty for the past month. Maybe it’s when you decide that you want to stay more organized so that next time cleaning will be easier.

In my mind, there are two types of cleaning–both which need to be done and are equally important. The first of course is wiping down tables, dusting and vacuuming. So basically the dirty work. Most, like me, don’t enjoy this part of cleaning.

The other is rearranging things into massive piles. This is where I find the most joy. I love going through things and remembering all the memories certain things come with. Those long forgotten movie tickets are reminiscent of those many fun movie nights. Those little gifts that your friend gave you on her trip to England make you think of her. The excitement you feel when you find lost twenty dollar bills in the back of your drawer. You never know when you may find little treasures while cleaning.

Once everything’s put in the right spot or thrown away, life feels a lot lighter. It feels uncluttered. Best of all, you feel like you’ve productively used your afternoon to do something more useful than browse the internet. Or maybe cleaning your room was your way of procrastinating with your homework. Whichever one, the important thing is that it got done.

And wow, I’m really surprised that I was inspired enough to write an entire blog post on cleaning.



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