Art is more than lines and shapes.

Art is profound. It is not only visually and aesthetically pleasing, but is also almost a physical performance. Each mode of art reveals a different path to expression.

Over the summer, I took a painting class from a local university. I mainly took it for the credits, but I never thought I would discover an entirely new world of seeing things. Although it was only five weeks long, I would spend three hours every day in quiet contemplation to work on a single painting.

I am by no means a talented painter or artist. But through the class, I learned that you don’t have to be. Painting is not about replication or even beauty for that matter. It’s about creation and boldly outpouring feelings into one cohesive work that speaks to others.

Painting is about mistakes. And it’s about turning those mistakes into part of the painting. There is no erasing or restarting, only layering. What fascinates me most about this form of art is how general and unshapely figures can develop into solid and concise shapes. 

When searching for inspiration, we were told to observe and take in our surroundings. So I did. I looked at each individual leaf on trees and admired its beauty. I admired the cracks on the sidewalk and the bees on the flowers. I was instantly relaxed, and I felt instantly more in sync with my surroundings.

What I took away from this intriguing course:

Art is more than lines and shapes.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Still Life                                                Portrait                         Imaginary Landscape


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