To be a Tourist

Through my many experiences with traveling to all sorts of different countries, I have always aimed to be a tourist. It sounds strange to say so, since people tend to imagine tourists as obnoxious visitors crowded on large buses and hogging the bathrooms. But a real tourist is not someone who signs up for a … More To be a Tourist


I come from a place of little water. Situated in the desert, in our little Southern Californian city, it rarely rains. Summer days are scorching hot and dry; we are in an inescapable drought. In fact yesterday’s temperature was a balmy 110 °F (that’s 43°C for you non-American folks). After staying for a week (Week … More WeAThER


It is difficult to determine if fences are meant to keep others out or to keep you in. Perhaps both.   It is difficult to understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence and be unable to climb it.   It is difficult to tear down fences.   Daily … More Fences