I come from a place of little water. Situated in the desert, in our little Southern Californian city, it rarely rains. Summer days are scorching hot and dry; we are in an inescapable drought. In fact yesterday’s temperature was a balmy 110 °F (that’s 43°C for you non-American folks).

After staying for a week (Week 1 / Week 6!!) in China, I could not have encountered a more polar (opposite) type of weather. I am sick of the rain and humidity already. It has basically been raining non-stop all week – there’s probably been more rain in a week here in China than there has been all of last year back in Cali. It’s a strange experience encountering all of this moisture. My skin’s been better than ever, for one. But then again, stepping outside is like entering a sauna.

Weather really is an experience in itself. You never really know one until you experience the other.

And yes, I have managed to write an entire blog post about the weather. Please bear with me as I try to pick up this blogging thing again.



Daily Prompt: Water


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