To be a Tourist

A cute little garden I found when exploring Quzhou, China

Through my many experiences with traveling to all sorts of different countries, I have always aimed to be a tourist.

It sounds strange to say so, since people tend to imagine tourists as obnoxious visitors crowded on large buses and hogging the bathrooms. But a real tourist is not someone who signs up for a guided group tour nor is he someone who refuses to stray from a set schedule.

To be a true tourist is to be curious and to be unafraid to wander. You have to be a little adventurous. Yes, discovering things on your own may sometimes lead to disappointment and confusion, and yes, there are times when having a set plan is better.

But traveling is the perfect opportunity for discovery and spontaneity. I find that it is an extremely worthwhile experience looking up from the map once in a while and just trying something new.

Daily Prompt: Tourist


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