A small observation in a small café

It’s a Friday afternoon.

I’m sitting alone in this cute little café in the same city in China. My English class ended early, so I took a walk around the school. And somehow I ended up here.

I bought a little cake and some milk tea, and then I sat for awhile. A minute passes and subconsciously I turn to my phone. There’s really nothing I can do on my phone besides play Ruzzle on offline mode, since I don’t have wifi, yet I continue to click through my phone aimlessly.

And then I look up and see that every single person in that café is doing the same. The man on my right, the child sitting next to him, the teens crowded together in the corner, and even the cashier in between orders – clicking through their phones and occasionally taking sips of their drinks. The only noises in the shop are the cashiers taking orders and some Chinese background music that I haven’t heard before.

Gone are the days where people come to coffee shops to socialize and talk, unless this socializing and talking is to be done through their phones. Why do we feel so compelled to look occupied? I feel like I can’t sit in a public place anymore just to sit. I have to be on my phone, or at least look like I’m doing something important. I don’t know why I feel like I have to look like I’m not a loner when there’s nothing wrong with being alone. It’s a weird feeling.

And so I force myself to put down my phone for awhile. Instead I sit and people watch. And when I can’t bear it any longer, I begin to type out this draft on my phone.

So there’s not really a point to this blog post. It’s just a small observation I made in a small café I sat in for a nice little hour of my Friday afternoon.




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