3 years

3 years ago I started this blog without knowing really what blogging was. 3 years ago I wrote “Introduction: Writing Through Life” without foreseeing what I’d even post on this blog. A lot has happened in 3 years. I’ve published 87 blog posts, have created 25 incomplete drafts, and have come pretty far from the days … More 3 years

Radical Authenticity

Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds is a task that is emotionally taxing. Yes, I will occasionally come across an enjoyable cat meme or perhaps a strangely amusing photoshopped picture. But more often than not the majority of my feed consists of pictures of people who are traveling the world, doing yoga at the crack of dawn, … More Radical Authenticity


Stagnant and unmoving. Two words that describe both the water in the pictures above and certain moments that persist in my adolescent existence. … More Stagnant