Stagnant and unmoving. Two words that describe both the water in the pictures above and certain moments that persist in my adolescent existence. Stagnant water is toxic; it is the result of accumulating algae and cultural eutrophication. You can’t see through it and everything is clouded beneath a murky layer of green.

Stagnant is my life when I allow myself to cling to unrealistic expectations that are out of my control. When I allow negative thoughts to marinate in my mind. When I allow toxic relationships to take over.

So stop stagnation. Remain in motion.

Photo Challenge


4 thoughts on “Stagnant

  1. This is such an interesting take on the challenge, as I generally do think of water as motion.

    Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your world – it isn’t easy to get moving when at rest. Here’s cheering you on as you get going as you battle stagnation!

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