To See The Sea.

There’s nothing more entrancing than watching the ocean. Watching its endless waves build up then recede, while someone on the other side of that ocean is doing the same. The ocean. Just the sheer thought of its vastness and depth is daunting to imagine. The world seems so big, yet it feels so small. Most … More To See The Sea.

Infinite Beginnings

be·gin·ning- noun the point in time at which something starts. Sunrise marks the beginning of a new day. Sunset marks the beginning of night. There are an infinite amount of beginnings in life–a constant continuum of the new. Change induces the rise of new beginnings, and change is constantly happening around us.  Each individual day has … More Infinite Beginnings

Together As One.

One is not a lonely number; it is a powerful one. The world brimmed with tears all else gone to seek shelter all but only one … Appearing as two They shine fiery and bright against the gray clouds … Together they’re one greater than any other shining through the dark Weekly Photo Challenge: One … More Together As One.

Community Service

Volunteering at an event downtown The other day, I participated in a community service activity. I was to pick up trash on the streets for three hours. It was mandatory community service that I had to do as 10% of my history grade. Now that I think back, does this not defeat the purpose of … More Community Service

Festival of Lights

All through the holiday season every year, there is an event called The Festival of Lights downtown. There are over 4 million lights, and the number increases each year. I thought that this was perfect for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!   -Kat(: Another light-themed post: Haiku: Light into Dark

The Layer Underneath

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers I wanted to concentrate on a written description of the layers in our lives, in contrast to my previous post concentrating on the photographic aspect of layers which can be found here >Layers in Nature. Human beings are very complex organisms. We are made up of many layers (both literally and … More The Layer Underneath